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Our Golden Rules

Nestled in the enchanting Marche Region of Italy is the bustling town of Montegranaro. This region, known around the world as Italy's heart of creation for handcrafted excellence in glamorous footwear, inspired the Giannini family to found Doucal's in 1973.
Always evolving their materials, diverse and perfect lasts, designs and distribution, Giannini's second generation guards well the traditions of the “Made in Italy” elegant Italian craftsmanship while embracing the modern perspective.
Doucal's products are sought-after around the world by the most demanding, elegant clientele who expect personalized perfection, exclusive quality and long lasting comfort.
With their creativity on the pulse of each generation's contemporary demand, the Giannini family seamlessly elevates traditional Italian quality, taste and design to an unequalled level of international appreciation.

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Lightness, functionality, flexibility

A great part of the fascination of men's shoes, built to endure, lies in the leather with which they have been made. The more it ages the more beautiful it becomes.