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Our leathers

Real leather is a precious and natural product. Signs and imperfections on it like wrinkles and veins, as well as differences in colour are distinctive elements that enhance its beauty and value.
Indeed, they represent the element that makes it possible to distinguish it from eco leather or poor quality leather covered with artificial products such as polyurethane and plasters. The visible and tactile characteristics such as softness and fleshiness are the sign of the good quality of the leather.
Doucal’s uses leathers that come mainly from French and Italian tanneries, where a great tradition in leather working has always been carried on.

The leathers that the company uses come from certified and eco- sustainable controlled farms. Than they are treated through tanning technics, made in historic wooden drums, through which it’s possible to obtain natural and unique deep colourings.

The peculiarity of the brand is selecting raw hides, before they will be coloured in order to decide and be able to follow the subsequent processing according to the very high requirements and quality standards requested by the company. One of the finest leathers is the suede, the result of a complex and articulated process. The crust of the leather is worked with direct scraping and is subsequently subjected to oxidation tanning which uses fish oils and a huge physical effort. Suede shoes like the desert boot need periodic care to enhance the leather or change its colour, through specific products such as shampoo and detergents.
Among all, crocodile leather, synonymous of opulence, is one of the finest materials that the world of footwear includes in its catalogue. The belly of the reptile is the most precious part that usually, combined with that of the sides, is used to make the most refined creations. Genuine crocodile leather, due to its scaly nature, requires specific tools for drilling, such as special needles for sewing machines.
Memory Foam
Doucal’s applies in every shoe sole an innovative Memory foam layer made of a polyurethane thick foam. The memory was developed in 1966 by the NASA Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions and was later introduced in some sports, such as in football helmets.
What makes Doucal’s unique and comfortable fit is therefore this imperceptible and invisible layer
that manifests itself in all of its innovation while wearing a shoe, allowing to face the frenzy of
everyday life in comfort.
The glue is necessary to tie the bottom to the upper before the seam is sewn,
Doucal’s selects only natural, water-based, non-toxic
and hypoallergenic glues.


ULTRA LIGHT OUTSOLES are made of a closed cell foam material, three times lighter than other plastic materials but preserving the same mechanical characteristics- The key features of this plastic foam is that it combines low density and excellent physical and mechanical properties with a distinctive “soft touch” tactility; is weather resistant, ductile and flexible.

Doucal’s has distinguished over the years for research in design and selection of highest materials. The careful mix of styles, trends and different materials is one of the most recognized skills. The selection of materials, the application of finishes and craftmanship, have given the product unmistakable distinguishing marks. The finest leathers come from Italy and France as well as the highest quality leather. The fabrics, the denim and the wool are chosen according to parameters of sustainability but also on the basis of seasonal market research and trends in total alignment with the apparel trends. Therefore, footwear are integrated into the male wardrobe of each specific season.