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Sustainability according to Doucal's

Territory, People, Respect for Nature

Sustainability is not an abstract concept, nor is it a model that can be applied according to standard, general logic. For this reason, instead of referring to an all-encompassing and often vague idea of environmental protection, I prefer to talk about system sustainability, i.e. a perfectly integrated process that respects not only the territory and the common heritage, but also the professionalism and dignity of its inhabitants. Our shoes are made from certified leather and hide from Italian tanneries, and are designed, cut, sewn and polished by craftsmen and artists who refine their taste and craftsmanship in contact with the extraordinary environmental and artistic wealth of our territory. They are Italian artisans who have been with us for only one or for many generations, or they are artisans resident in our country for only a short time; there are eighty of them and the average age is forty-five; but many are much younger. They all live in these hills, drawing inspiration from them and taking care of them. That’s why I wanted to bring them all together with my brother Jerry and myself in a photo taken in the wheat fields not far from our homes, an image that represents the deep connection between our company and the land: let’s not forget that for many centuries this area put food on the tables of popes, and that the town of Montegranaro, where Doucal’s was created, has ancient origins and a name that suggests its history. I am moved to see us all together in this picture, wearing our white shirts and denim and leather aprons. More than of a brand or product, a company is made up of people and pride in the work they do: for us this is a fundamental value.

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Loafers in brushed rich dark brown suede, with stitchwork along the sides and tassels, and raised stitching on the vamp. Leather sole. Sacchetto construction. Made in Italy.

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