How Many in the Wardrobe

The first rule of long-term preservation is never to wear them for more than 24 hours. Wear them one day and then allow them to recover, substituting them for another pair, perhaps even identical, because the moisture absorbed from the foot over the course of a day requires at least another day to evaporate. As a minimum an adequate wardrobe should contain seven pairs of shoes, subdivided as follows:

  • two pairs of winter shoes made from heavy leather; strong, sturdy, waterproof
  • three pairs of summer shoes, one more than in the winter because the leather from which they are made, being lighter, wears out more easily, especially as a result of sweating.
  • an elegant pair of evening shoes
  • a pair of casual style shoes which can be subjected to the rough and tumble of sporting events and can serve as a reserve in the event of bad weather.

Realistically, without arriving at the seventy to one hundred pairs owned by some enthusiasts, a stylish man who feels the necessity and pleasure in changing outfits throughout the day, will have twenty or so pairs at least, to wear according to the seasons and the circumstances. By integrating one or two pairs a year into his collection he will be able to maintain his assets intact

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