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DOUCAL'S invito 17.06.16

The Associazione della via Gesù’ in Milan, known as #LaViaDellUomo, in collaboration with the Fondazione Riccardo Catella, is launching an ambitious project called “A NEW BESPOKE SUIT FOR VIA GESÙ” from a concept by architect Andreas Kipar of Studio Land, to transform this 15th century enclave into the new destination of international gentlemen. A special event with an installation of images and video that illustrate the past and the future of the street will welcome guests, get the city talking for a whole week, and inspire a sponsor for the realization of the project.

The appointment is for the evening of 17th June when, thanks to the support of BIOTHERM HOMME, the lights will go on for the project by the architect Andreas Kipar, “A New Bespoke Suit for Via Gesù” or the “reinvention of a 15th century street in the heart of the Fashion District. The idea is to completely reconsider its spatial and aesthetic identity by transforming the space into a pleasant urban lounge where the passer-by is invited to linger, admiring, for example, the Bagatti Valsecchi Home-Museum, the secret gardens and the refined windows of the brands.

The project also includes new kerbless paving which is simple and uniform, combining traditional materials with a modern design, uniting tradition and innovation, personality and functionality.

The “green buttonholes” of the new bespoke “suit” have been designed as modular systems, made up of seating areas with plants. These emphasise the theme of the open-air lounge, to pause and relax, enjoying rare and ancient peace in the heart of a bustling modern city.

Lighting will also play a fundamental role, creating effects of light and shadow over the green lounges that can continue to live and be full of people even after the shops have closed.

A unique opportunity is thus being offered to the future Sponsor of the project: by adding its name to the new look of a street in Milan, intact since the end of the 15th century, and to be recognised as the most enlightened Maecenas of its times.

The participating Brands are: Doucal’s, Akris, Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Cartier, Caruso, Four Seasons Hotel, Lardini, Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Rosalba, Stefano Ricci, Uman, Versace, Zilli.

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Gianni Giannini and “The fashion experts”

Gianni Giannini, Owner and Creative Director of DOUCAL’S participating to the seminary  “The fashion experts” at the “LA SAPIENZA” University in Rome.

The students of the degree course in science of fashion and habits are going to attend to a lesson based on the relationship between fashion and accessories, and Gianni will share with them his personal experience as creative Manager, by showing how to conceive and produce luxury shoes.

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