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5 shoes for an impeccable look
7 days a week

Five pairs of men’s shoes exuding elegance to suit various occasions for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. We need to change shoes when we go from our work routine to leisure time. Different footwear is required for a formal engagement, a journey or an evening event which may come in more than one guise… a romantic date, a night out with friends, a gala dinner or a special occasion.

These are the variables which Doucal’s caters for, while also creatively extending the range, accounting for individual tastes, as well as the weather requirements of each of its market. For instance, there is almost no point in trying to sell sandals on the Italian market, but in Russia they are quite popular in summer, whereas in winter they go for a Monkey Boot, which is basically a hiking boot set on a rubber outsole and finished with ghillie lacing – nothing could be better for a harsh climate.

The Roger-style Chelsea Boot is particularly beloved by the French and Northern Europeans. This particular shoe has to be made in black calfskin with aged detailing on the toe, a leather sole and tonal elasticated panels. One of the most popular shoe models in Italy is a plain Derby lace-up that was designed by Mario Giannini in 1977 and called Gianni to celebrate the birth of his second son. The hallmark of this legacy shoe is its ability to effortlessly suit different occasions, from formal business situations to a dinner event, or from board room meetings to after-hour drinks with friends.

Iconic models

Loafers are the most comfortable and versatile shoes in the world. They look just as good under a pair of jeans as they do with a sharply tailored suit, and they are especially suited with trousers bottoms tapering at the ankle. The Matisse model that Doucal’s has been manufacturing for 45 years with the same extraordinary slip-lasting method is a summer must-have that is acclaimed the world over. It is so pliant and flexible that it fits like a glove. As far as colour goes, it was no coincidence that this model was named after the great French painter who was especially at ease with a vibrant rich palette.

There are sneakers, and then there is Kobe, a carefully curated and deftly detailed non-sneaker ensuring comfort and versatility. Hand-stitching and a hand-folded quarter, aged leather and finishing methods worthy of a dress shoe: everything about Kobe exudes luxury, but at the same time its sumptuousness has nothing to do with ostentation and everything to do with personal satisfaction.

Fall Winter 20/21
Spring Summer 20
Fall Winter 19/20
Spring Summer 19
Fall Winter 18/19