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“Today is the superior quality, superior design and superior functionality that imbues a collection with value”. This is Gianni Giannini approach and the way he interprets modern society’s consumption patterns.

Doucal’s opts for pieces that meet the needs of a sophisticated narcissistic man who has no intention of setting for anything but the best and pays great attention to meticulous detailing.



The new Doucal’s sneaker with invisible wings behind the heel
Lightweight doesn’t mean lack of control: it means relaxed movements and freedom of choice. Hermes, the cunning God of commerce, wore winged sandals so he could glide above all earthly beings. He was Messenger of the Gods: weighed down only by the burden of words, he travelled between heaven and earth like a whisper. The force of gravity a condemnation redeemed by beauty. Lightweight is the individual who loves space, elegant is the individual who moves throughout the universe as if it were his or her living room: lightweight does not means loppy, but rather the ability to lightly touch the edges of the world with elegance.

Light like atoms that unite and disperse, following the winds of unpredictability, we choose to reject the ballasts of offices and corporate uniforms. Style is no longer anchored to the weight of formality, toties, grey suits and starched collars.

On the heel of the Arrow, the new Doucal’s sneaker, is yellow stitching: the outline of an invisible wing. Smart working has seen the freedom of the weekend conquer the rigidity of the week. And now with the new sneaker from Doucal’s, a distinguished brand renowned for luxury Made in Italy footwear, we can climb over the now anachronistic wall of Monday.

With its sponge interior and laces, its mere 377-gram construction, and its shock-absorbing and non-slip rubber-coated sole, the Arrow sneaker makes walking as graceful as flying. Suede details accentuate the aerodynamic lines of those who caress the earth, carrying their many projects and deadlines around the planet. Even the colours are weightless: from petrol blue to ice blue, embellished with discreet, carefully balanced touches of ochre yellow and amaranth red.